Mastering Application Security


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"Mastering Application Security" is your ultimate guide to safeguarding software applications against ever-evolving cyber threats. This comprehensive book empowers developers, security professionals, and IT managers with the knowledge and techniques to build robust and secure applications from the ground up. From secure coding practices to vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, this resource covers every aspect of application security. With real-world examples and practical insights, readers will gain the expertise needed to identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical data. Join us on this transformative journey to elevate your application security practices and create software that stands strong against cyberattacks. Let "Mastering Application Security" be your key to unlocking success in the realm of secure software development.

What's Inside:

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Application Security
    1. The Importance of Application Security
    2. Common Application Security Threats
    3. The Impact of Application Security Breaches
    4. The Cost of Inadequate Application Security
  3. Building a Secure Development Lifecycle
    1. Secure Development Principles
    2. The Role of Security in the Development Process
    3. Integrating Security into Agile and DevOps Methodologies
    4. Implementing Secure Coding Practices
    5. Code Review and Security Testing
  4. Threat Modeling
    1. Introduction to Threat Modeling
    2. Identifying Assets and Potential Threats
    3. Analyzing and Prioritizing Threats
    4. Mitigating Threats through Design and Architecture
    5. Threat Modeling Tools and Techniques
  5. Authentication and Authorization
    1. The Importance of Authentication
    2. Types of Authentication Mechanisms
    3. Best Practices for Secure Authentication
    4. Authorization and Access Control
    5. Implementing Role-Based Access Control
  6. Secure Session Management
    1. Session Management Fundamentals
    2. Common Session Management Vulnerabilities
    3. Session Fixation and Hijacking
    4. Best Practices for Secure Session Management
    5. Implementing Session Management Controls
  7. Input Validation and Data Sanitization
    1. Understanding Input Validation
    2. Common Input Validation Vulnerabilities
    3. Implementing Input Validation Techniques
    4. Data Sanitization and Output Encoding
    5. Preventing Injection Attacks
  8. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
    1. Introduction to Cross-Site Scripting
    2. Types of XSS Attacks
    3. Detecting and Preventing XSS Attacks
    4. Content Security Policy (CSP)
    5. Secure Coding Practices to Mitigate XSS
  9. Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
    1. Understanding Cross-Site Request Forgery
    2. CSRF Attack Scenarios
    3. Implementing CSRF Prevention Measures
    4. Token-Based CSRF Protection
    5. Best Practices for Preventing CSRF Attacks
  10. Security in the Application Architecture
    1. Secure Design Principles
    2. Separation of Concerns
    3. Secure Communication Protocols
    4. Securing Data in Transit and at Rest
    5. Secure Configuration Management
  11. Secure Error Handling and Logging
    1. Importance of Error Handling and Logging
    2. Common Error Handling and Logging Vulnerabilities
    3. Implementing Secure Error Handling
    4. Logging Best Practices for Application Security
    5. Analyzing and Monitoring Logs for Security Insights
  12. Secure File and Resource Management
    1. File and Resource Management Fundamentals
    2. Secure File Uploads and Downloads
    3. Preventing Path Traversal Attacks
    4. Secure Configuration of Resources
    5. Implementing Secure File and Resource Access Controls
  13. Cryptography and Secure Communication
    1. Introduction to Cryptography
    2. Cryptographic Algorithms and Protocols
    3. Secure Key Management
    4. Secure Communication Channels
    5. Implementing Encryption and Decryption in Applications
  14. Secure Third-Party Integration
    1. Risks of Third-Party Integration
    2. Evaluating Third-Party Libraries and APIs
    3. Securing API Endpoints and Integrations
    4. Secure Configuration of Third-Party Components
    5. Monitoring and Managing Third-Party Risks
  15. Mobile Application Security
    1. Unique Security Challenges in Mobile Applications
    2. Secure Development Guidelines for Mobile Apps
    3. Securing User Data in Mobile Apps
    4. Authentication and Authorization in Mobile Apps
    5. Secure Network Communication in Mobile Apps
  16. Secure Deployment and Operations
    1. Secure Deployment Considerations
    2. Secure Configuration Management
    3. Patch Management and Vulnerability Remediation
    4. Incident Response and Forensics
    5. Continuous Monitoring and Improvement
  17. Appendix
    1. Application Security Tools and Resources
    2. Sample Application Security Policies
    3. Case Studies of Application Security Breaches
    4. Glossary of Application Security Terms
    5. About the author

About the author:

Kris Hermans is a renowned expert in the field of cyber security, with decades of practical experience and a passion for educating others. With a strong background in both technical and strategic aspects of cyber security, Kris has helped numerous organizations strengthen their defences and navigate the complex cyber landscape.

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